Friday, May 11, 2007

I am a blogger not a Blogger!

An invitation from SAP to attend the imminent SAPPHIRE event in Vienna as a “Blogger” got me a bit confused.

I would quite naturally describe myself as an industry analyst, consultant, small business owner, dad, husband, etc, as these describe what I am from one perspective or another. I would never dream of calling myself a Blogger (with a capital B), however, in the same way as I wouldn’t call myself an Article Writer, Report Writer, Presenter, etc. These are just things I do to communicate rather than descriptions of what I am.

I think it is bizarre that people have latched onto the term Blogger as if it somehow defines a role. People who blog come from all walks of life and use blogging as a way to communicate their views and opinions on all kinds of things from all kinds of different perspectives. While I know lots of people who blog, I am not sure any of them use this as a way to define themselves or what they do.

So, from a personal perspective, I am definitely a blogger in that I blog my views and opinions here, here, here and here, but that doesn't make me a Blogger!

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David Rossiter said...


Were you also invited to the event as an analyst - or was it just as a Blogger?

It would be interesting gauge on how they rate your influence in the market...